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Graz is one of Austria's oldest court residence towns. Its unique old town is famous for it´s  small alleys of idyllic atmosphere. The old  castle was erected in the mid-15th century by Emperor Friedrich III. The inscription  "AEIOU", found on a stone, bears witness for that. The Styrian Armoury is the largest historic  armoury in the world and displays collections  of bladed weapons and armours from the 16th  and 17th century. The Schlossberg with its famous Clock Tower must not be missed when visiting Graz. The  view from the medieval defence tower over  the town and the river Mur dividing it into  two parts is just marvellous. You can walk up the hill or take the cable car. The original  medieval fortifications on the Schlossberg  were blown up by Napoleon's troops. A visit to the famous universal museum  "Joanneum" could round off a wonderful day in Graz.
Foto: © Österreich Werbung / Diejun
Foto: © Österreich Werbung / Bohnacker