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Around Vienna
There are lots of things yet to discover for  visitors. I am going to present to you some of those  highlights.
Klosterneuburg The Augustinian monastery is a baroque  complex, originally planned as a second  "Escorial". Only just a small part was realised - nonetheless it's worthwhile visiting. The Austrian archduke's coronet is exhibited  in monastery's treasury; further more, you  will get to see the Verdun altar, a major piece of medieval craftwork from the 12th century. Last, but not least, the Imperial Apartments  and the museum display many art treasures.
Carnuntum This half-day trip brings you to a Roman  legion camp and town, situated at the ancient limes, the Roman border to the north. Most  probably, it gained its significance as centre  of all Roman camps in Pannonia by its  location: directly at the crossroads of the  Amber Rout and Limes Road, the two main  ancient trade routes. Today, we cannot only  see the huge excavation site, but also catch  some flair of life in the ancient world by  authentic replicas of buildings and at the  museum nearby.
Hainburg Next to Carnuntum you will visit one of the  oldest medieval fortified towns in Vienna's  surrounding area. The Romanesque town wall was built in the 13th century, and you can pass through the Vienna gate yourself. And don't forget to try a glass of the fruity  wine, being in one of Austria's most famous  wine-growing areas.
Hof Palace Prince Eugene of Savoy had not only erected the Belvedere Palace in Vienna, but as well  this splendid baroque edifice. Located amidst Marchfeld, a large vegetable planting area, it  is an outstandingly impressive building  complex, surrounded by baroque gardens with highly elaborated flowerbeds. A show garden and a petting zoo will be of high interest - not only for your children.
Foto: © Stift Klosterneuburg
Foto: © Österreich Werbung / Diejun
Foto: © H. Leban
Foto: Schloss Hof Garten Najadenbrunnen Morgenstimmung / © Reinhard Mandl