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Foto: © Österreich Werbung / Trumler
Foto: © Österreich Werbung / Diejun
Dive into the rich history of the town with its  ubiquitous witnesses of the past. Come and see the magnificent buildings along the Ringstrasse, Schönbrunn Palace or the  Imperial Palace in the city centre. Enjoy the  green areas and parks of Vienna for a little  break. Relive the days of Empress Elisabeth at the  Sisi Museum and the Habsburgs' daily life at  the Imperial Apartments. Glittering gold waits for you at the Treasury, or you can take  pleasure in looking at famous paintings by  Rubens or Tizian at the Museum of Fine Arts. Visit Vienna's landmarks: the Giant Ferris Wheel, St. Stephen's  Cathedral, the Spanish Riding School and  many, many more. Vienna, known as the town "on the Blue  Danube", has been a cultural centre for  centuries: It hosts a university since 1365, was a  residence town and centre of the Habsburg  monarchy, and has been recognised as the  musical capital throughout history.